Happy New Years Eve Everybody!

I’ll bet none of you follow through with your new years resolution for longer than a week…


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LOL I just realized that…

…people probably think i’m obsessed with christmas lights. I’m really not, I just do this thing where I take an annual photo shoot of myself wrapped in christmas lights. I know I know, i’m too cool (;

Just a picture I took of myself - I felt it was a good description of me because it’s kind of blurry, kind of like my outlook on life. I don’t fully understand why everything happens, but I know there’s a light at the end of a dark tunnel and you need to just keep moving towards it, no matter what life throws your way.

New Favorite Song: You Make The Rain Fall - Kevin Rudolf ›

So I realized today that I probably won’t get into any colleges I want to; i’ve fucked up my chances. I haven’t done any volunteer work or joined any clubs or done any extracurricular activities, who wants me at their school? Well, it’s pretty much too late now, going on my second semester in junior year, I really wish I could go back to the end of eighth grade and just redo everything.

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just did (:

makme-kayla asked: Eh, could be why. I've done a lotta shit to guys 'cause they were just awful and they deserved it. Then it became a habit, but I'm done with all that, Im just sick of being that way xD And tired of hurting people, I never know what to do whenever I dont feel the same way about people that like me :\ Not that a lotta people like me, but its happened before, and I always feel terrible even a year later.

Well, if they were awful then they¬†definitely deserved it and you shouldn’t feel bad about it! I’m all for revenge (; Unless you take it out on us innocent folk. But yea I know where you come from, I can be so completely mean to people sometimes and I look back on things that I say or do and it just disgusts me, even if they did something first, because I know I need to be the bigger person.

New Years Resolution (3rd year in a row): Be a nicer person. 

Song that describes my current mood. ›

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